More about us

We have formed a collaborative approach to bring this network together, working with digital health researchers, clinicians and technology providers in the local area.

Why now? We know that there are quite a few researchers, clinicians and practitioners in health and social care who want to or are already working on digital health and care projects. There is also a thriving tech community who may find new opportunities through meeting up. So learning from each other and being able to stay up-to-date is the main reason why we wanted to bring this together. The agenda has been shaped through a collaborative approach working with key leads in the area. Come along and join in.

Organiser Dr Rupa Chilvers has been working in healthcare for over 20 years both as a researcher and project manager in academic settings, NHS organisations and national organisations. She has been supporting the use of evidence in practice and knowledge sharing through digital platforms for healthcare workforce and for service users. Rupa is passionate about bringing people and ideas together for quality and care impact in health and social care.

Supporting this network, TechExeter is a focus point for all things tech related with a community of developers and providers of digital solutions meeting regularly to share skills and learn from each other.


The 2018 Digital Health Conference in Exeter

The team for the 2018 conference were Dr Rupa Chilvers, Dr Natalia Lawrence, Rob Glover, and Kris Sum with support from Dr George Brighton.

Support for the conference has come from a number of organisations, teams and individuals including the Tangerine Bee Ltd, the Grand Challenges team and eHealth Group at the University of Exeter, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, the Digital Horizons team at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, Technical Health, and local teams and organisations working to embed digital technologies and solutions in clinical care settings.